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Trade-Ideas and Market Exchange Entitlements: Cross T’s and Dot I’s

Sep 27, 2007

Trade-Ideas, at the behest of the market exchanges, requires its customers to electronically sign a simple agreement form. This explains why our customers recently received the following email from our own Brad Williams:

Dear David,

Thank you for subscribing to Trade-Ideas.

Our records indicate you have not yet completed the NYSE and AMEX Exchange Agreement for account “ xxx ”.

You may complete this requirement by means of an online form. Please click on the following link:
to complete the form and ensure your service continues uninterrupted.

It is necessary to first log in; please click on the link at the top of the entitlements page if you are not currently logged in. If you have forgotten your password, please click on [FORGOTTEN PASSWORD]. Once the grace period expires, if this form is not completed, access to NYSE and AMEX data will be removed.

Thank you for your prompt cooperation in this matter and if there is any assistance we can provide, please let us know.



Brad Williams
Managing Partner, Support Services
Trade-Ideas, LLC
IM (AOL/YAHOO): TradeIdeasAssist
Skype: BradDoubleU

The online form for NASDAQ access is here:

The NYSE/AMEX online form is currently for non-professional traders. If you do not know the difference between non-professional and professional traders, 1) you are probably a non-professional traders and 2) here is a link with the difference:

Professional traders are required to fill out an additional form – done manually. Please contact if you have any questions.