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Never Too Late to Praise Accomplishments

Sep 30, 2007

You might think you’re alone on the battlefield engaging the market. It’s not true. There are many who work to support your efforts either indirectly (like your broker, your technology – including Trade-Ideas for example) or directly (like a mentor, spouse, or fellow trader). The people closest to you especially deserve your appreciation – not everyone can a home run in a game.

So if there is an occasion to recognize someone “on your team” for their efforts, don’t miss the opportunity. Even better give some praise when there’s no occasion – your gratitude will reflect positively on you and surely be welcomed by the recipient.

I’m writing because an occasion snuck by us to recognize and praise the efforts of our partner, Scottrade – specifically the Scottrade Director of Product Management and Development, Kevin Dodson. In July Kevin got the nod from the St. Louis business community as a “30 Under 30” award winner for his business and civic responsibilities.

We congratulate Kevin on his award and are proud to be associated with him and Scottrade as partners.

Here’s the full story on the achievement