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The Free Top List of Stocks You Can’t Miss

Nov 5, 2007

It’s strange how life can work in cycles. Apparently it’s no different with software either. Last year at this very time, we introduced a free, End of Day custom scanning module for Netvibe users. Since we made the tool available, usage of the module hits new highs every month.

Welcome the Trade-Ideas Top List

We’re celebrating by announcing another free scanning tool that’s based on the technical analysis filters used in Trade-Ideas Pro. Here’s the innovative part:

Not only is the data free to anyone, but it’s also intra-day (i.e., it refreshes every 15-20 minutes instead of once a day). Our blog affiliates will like the fact that the list is also embeddable anywhere on a webpage and will update throughout the day.

We call it our Top List and it’s another way to find opportunities using Trade-Ideas. Here is a sample that finds stocks which are way up for the day. Pick any number of filters in the list by adding values that model your strategy, then select any filter in the list by which you want us to rank the results – whether it has a value in your model or not. (Hint: Choose a ‘Max’ filter to see the list descending from the greatest value).

The Full Stable of Free Tools

So let’s review all the free information we provide anyone (someone could make a business out this alone!)