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RoundUp of the Best Headlines – 2007

Jan 9, 2008

It’s been a year of tremendous growth and innovation at Trade-Ideas. You can see what’s been added in a snapshot timeline by following this What’s New link – you may have missed something that could help your trading even more!

Thanks to our dear readers our blog gets more visits each week (even if we’ve slacked off a bit lately). We promise to serve up some more Strategy Sessions that model opportunities and patterns we and others find in the markets. We also promise to keep things relevant to your trading and ways to improve it.

Here’s the list of the most viewed and read posts from 2007:

  1. The 2 x 2 Decision Box for Determining a Good Trading System – Most read: This is a tired but true consultant’s tool for understanding the relation of two elements and their possible outcomes: Spread and Win Rate
  2. Are You Testing a Strategy or a Stock? The more analysis we do of the marketplace, the more we see that people are guessing – and mostly based on emotions. The Odds Maker allows you to trade like a professional speculator rather than an emotional investor
  3. A Best Practice in Trading Using Trade-Ideas – Dr. Brett Steenbarger often inspires our best posts. In this example Index traders may not be stock pickers, but they can benefit by taking a look under the hood and seeing how the stocks in their index are really trading
  4. Strategy Session: Persistent Strong Closes – OddsMaker and Dr. Brett describe this momentum pattern that seemed to appear only in the afternoon. Here’s how to trade it
  5. Be Like Rick (Part 2): Learn Technique on Our Time – Save Yours for the Improved Trading – One customer trading transformation using Trade-Ideas
  6. Trade Like TraderMike – One of the most widely read trading blogs out there is TraderMike and he’s widely read because he shoots straight (or could it be because he uses Trade-Ideas?)
  7. What to Do When You’re Suspicious of Low Volume Rises in the Market – We created a couple of strategies in Trade-Ideas that model the behavior TraderMike describes, namely; upward price movements on lite volume
  8. 4 Steps to Get the Jargon Out of Your Strategy – The biggest problem is that traders cannot articulate what they want to see. Thinking of market movements in terms of RSI, Stochastics, MACD, Elliot Waves, etc. never help in articulating the picture
  9. How My Trading Improved Thinking Like a Martial Arts Fighter – Whether a fighter or a trader when opponents face one another in the ring, they juggle 3 complete games to be competitive
  10. Trade More Profitably: 9 Effective (and Slightly Badass) Ways to Just Do It – Advice from 2 veteran traders to filter what the Chicken Littles are crying about and better navigate the market’s waters