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Option Traders Will Love These New Filters in Trade-Ideas

Feb 11, 2008

Trade-Ideas expands the list of ways to describe an option trader’s universe with 6 new filters.

These filters are in their final testing phase and will soon go live. When they do subscribers will simply see them appear in the list under the Filters tab in Trade-Ideas PRO. And you thought you had to download a new version to see them. That’s so 90s, dude.

Min Option Volume
Max Option Volume

These filter stocks based on the number of option contracts traded on an average day. This includes both puts and calls.

Units: # of Contracts

Min Option Volume Today
Max Option Volume Today

These filter stocks based on the number of options traded so far today. You can filter stocks based on the exact number of contracts they’ve traded today. Or you can compare the number of contracts traded today to the number of contracts the same stock usually trades in an entire day.

Units: # of Contracts
Units: as a % (e.g., 400% would mean trading 4x its normal amount)

Icons based on put/call ratio and others we already have.

If you have an idea about a strategy you’d like to see with these new filters, please leave a comment below. We’ll add OddsMaker credits to everyone who responds!