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NY EXPO Attendee? See a Pro Use Trade-Ideas

Feb 15, 2008

UPDATE: Here is Dave himslef talking about his presentation:

If you are attending the upcoming NY Traders Expo beginning Sunday and lasting until Tuesday next week, you’ll want to see one of our subscribers, Dave Mabe of StockTickr, use Trade-Ideas to fatten his portfolio. Dave is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet in a place like this or anywhere else. What you see is what you get with this guy. Here’s what you’ll see:

This session will explore how discretionary traders can use technology to automate much of their trading routine without necessarily automating their actual orders. There are huge benefits to using automation without having a computer actually “pull the trigger” on your trades. Automating your daily trading routine will make you more efficient, allow you to find and trade more opportunities, and give you more confidence in your trading system-all while doing less work. This session will cover various tools and APIs that can be used to let a computer do a surprising amount of your trading grunt work, freeing your time for higher-level pursuits.

#1 reason why Trade-Ideas clients shouldn’t miss this:
See how a Trade-Ideas power user gets the most out of Trade-Ideas.

Here are the details on when he’ll be speaking:

Monday morning at 8AM – bright and early.

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Here is the transcript of Dave’s conversation with our Partner, Dan Mirkin: