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Trade-Ideas in Your Town: Off to Phoenix

Mar 14, 2008

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the Trade-Ideas ‘krewe’ will be headed to Phoenix for an Expo sponsored entirely by optionsXpress (details). I am an advocate of these types of get togethers between companies and customers because of several benefits each party receives.

How Attendees Benefit

  1. Attendees get a chance for a deeper dive into a broker’s offering, its pricing, its technology, and its partners (like Trade-Ideas! Yo!) – you wouldn’t get near the same amount of information in a crowded exhibit hall with dozens of other vendors shouting.
  2. More time is allowed for question and answer both during the session and afterwards
  3. The sponsor is also more attentive of customer suggestions and open to resolving any customer issues – that’s what can happen when there are no distractions from the other vendors.

How the Broker Benefits

  1. The sponsoring broker gets to control the message – no competing with dozens of other vendors shouting hysterically for attention.
  2. Brokers report getting better feedback with details covering the good and the bad aspects of their offering

If you are in the area, leave a comment – or stop on by. The drinks, as usual, will be on me. I’ll have a recap of how this event and last month’s San Diego event went when I get back.