Apr 29, 2008

Learn How to Trade the Breaking News on Fed Day

As a result of recently adding new filters and alerts to Trade-Ideas, I learned new tricks on helping others get their ideas from their head and into Trade-Ideas much more easily.

Turns out the good folks at DTI and Tom Busby are providing a platform from which to discuss how we are using the new alerts and others during their very popular Fed Day Live TradeRoom sessions tomorrow, April 30 beginning at 8:15 AM CST. I have the honor of speaking at 12:00 PM CST – just an hour before the time that the Fed is expected to make its announcement at 1:15 PM CST (2:15 PM EST). My topic will therefore be:

Trading the Breaking News with Trade-Ideas

If you are new to Trade-Ideas or an old hand in need of a fresh pointer or two, please register for this free event by clicking on this link:

Reserve Your Place – Register (free education with David Aferiat and Tom Busby!)

I hope to see you there!

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