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Strategy Session: Find the Move During the Pause that Refreshes

May 20, 2008

I received a good question from our support forum that I want to repeat here. It’s a simple request about how to model a pattern that this customer wants to see in the market.

Question: Stocks Taking a Breather

What filters or alerts can I use to finds stocks that are, “taking a breather“?
I.e. it is in a daily uptrend, but volume slows and price drops; OR, it is in a
daily downtrend, but volume slows and price rises slightly.

Tip: Understand the Left and Right Side of the Chart

Here’s a modeling tip. When I start out modeling an idea or pattern I want all my stocks to exhibit, I start with the filters. The filters in Trade-Ideas are great for describing the left hand side of the chart – i.e., everything that’s happened leading up to today or this minute (depending on what increment of time you are using on the horizontal axis). The Alerts in Trade-Ideas describe the first point of the right hand side of the chart – i.e., what happens the moment Trade-Ideas alerts you. Ok. Let’s give this a shot.

Answer: Stocks Taking a Breather

Good question. I’d put together the following FILTERS:

and then I would choose my trigger with the following ALERT:

See if that works for you. To get the opposite view, configure this and then use the “Flip” button.

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