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Trade-Ideas Going Mobile?

Jun 15, 2008

It seems that since the introduction of the iPhone SDK, many innovative companies are racing to develop tools for the next iPhone in 3G coming out next month.

E*TRADE also just released mobile trading capabilities exclusively for the Blackberry.

Combine these events with Trade-Ideas’ new trading automation (with selected brokers), and we may be heralding a renewed emphasis of mobile trading.

Is there a demand for this kind of trading?

I imagine a trader headed out to lunch, to the bathroom, or to get a haircut and wanting to still know when an alert comes through a particular strategy.

I don’t frankly know so I’ve placed a poll to find out on the right hand side of the blog. Let me know with a click or a comment if this would be interesting to have enabled in your Trade-Ideas or Scottrade or any other TI-powered account.