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Trade-Ideas ‘Fundamentally’ Changed: Why It’ll Never Be the Same

Aug 22, 2008

Change is good. Especially the incremental improvement change work we do to Trade-Ideas on a constant basis. For those of you who are new and see the large inventory of alerts and filters – sorry. The list is long but well organized and only meant to appeal to the wide variety of traders and trading styles that can be modeled using the tools – it doesn’t mean pick everything.

So What’s Changed? The Fundamentals

I told you about the recent and upcoming alerts and filters that were coming. They are here.

Leave it to good friend and surprisingly effective gumshoe journalist, Dave Mabe, at to get the jump on the release of our latest filters:

Click on the picture here to see the complete list of fundamental filters and their definitions. The colors may have changed to match the rest of the filters – this was an alternate color scheme for these filters. State your preference in a comment.

The Bottom Line: How This Impacts Your Trading

Some traders are not purely technical but feel they can find advantages (especially lowering risk without affecting return) by including some fundamental filters when defining their universe. That’s now possible.

For example, you could design a strategy that trades new highs from stocks with earnings per share of at least X. Or with a market cap of at most Y. Imagine backtesting events that are also defined by fundamental conditions – I anticipate a lot of winning strategies with high odds thanks to these filters.

As StockTickr points out, this also adds new possibilities to automated trading and the partners through which we offer it.

If you don’t see the fundamental criterion you’re looking for on the list, here’s an effective workaround:

Find the fundamental filter elsewhere and perform your scan. With the resulting stock list, copy or import it as a Trade-Ideas Symbol List in TI Pro. Then use this list in your strategy along with the filters we do have and voila! Problem solved.

Feel free to suggest what additional filters like these we should add (and the arguments for having them).

What Else Is New? What Have I Missed??

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