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Institutional Brokers Teeter, Retail Brokers Innovate

Sep 15, 2008

It’s tough to get anything else out about the markets or its players on this solemn day but …

… a bright spot exists among the retail brokers (who seem to be in better shape than the institutional ones) with a second broker rolling out event-based backtesting powered by Trade-Ideas.
On Friday Scottrade announced a host of new improvements to its active trading platform, Scottrade ELITE, among them Trade-Ideas’ backtesting tool, The OddsMaker.

The improved tools, available at no charge to ScottradeELITE customers, allow customers to make more informed investment decisions and quickly react to trading opportunities.

The announcement goes on to specifically mention backtesting

— Back testing — Trade-Ideas(TM) Backtest is a back-testing tool within the Trade-Ideas window that allows customers to test strategies using historical data from the previous 15 trading sessions. Customers receive a summary that includes information on a trading strategy’s odds in the market, a better understanding of where profits can be taken and stops can be placed, and identify what strategies are the most in tune with recent market activity.

And the world keeps turning …