Sep 26, 2008

Round-Up: How Traders Use Trade-Ideas

Here is a round-up of the more useful articles and buzz on how others are using Trade-Ideas in their routine.

Filters I Use to Create My Universe of Tradable Stocks

I was recently asked about how I determine my “universe” of stocks … . To do that I use the following two scans in TradeIdeas: Bearish Scanner’s Filter: Min Price: $10 Max Spread … .

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Another one:

Dummy Trades – Follow the Market

CRR from the TradeIdeas scanner – Short Trader’s Paradise. Multiple alerts on this name so I added it to my focus list. Waited to see how it would pause – consolidation or retracement. NR

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And a final one we referenced earlier this week:

Backtesting Your Trading

This is the fourth in a series of posts about how and why and how I started down the path of … – especially if you use the TradeIdeas Odds Maker, which allows you to test strategies very, very … ). Our automated trading robot is available now.

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