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Walk, Chew Gum, and Trade Ideas: Introducing Mobile Trade-Ideas

Oct 22, 2008

We first mentioned our work on Mobile Trade-Ideas back in June thinking this would be a good application for the 3G iPhone which just rolled out.  Now we have Google/T-Mobile G1 so it’s time to make Mobile Trade-Ideas available.
What makes Mobile Trade-Ideas appropriate for the smartphone set is something as universal as ‘function follows form’.  While Mobile Trade-Ideas employs the same bang of the regular technology such as the alerts, filters, exchanges, etc., the presentation on these devices is what counts:
  • minimal
  • easy on the eyes
  • clean
  • fast
That means little formating and just enough graphics to deliver a trader’s alert strategy.  Our Chief Technology Officer, Philip Smolen, puts it this way:

My favorite part of this, oddly enough, has nothing to do with the customer or how s/he might use it.  I like this product because it is so clean.  The pages have very little graphics and formatting.  Just our logo and a small amount of other standard stuff at the top and the bottom.  Nothing else.  Let the user pick his/her own favorite font in the browser (as s/he could with a desktop computer, too.)  And the product itself is very minimalist.

Log in to your account and see all recent window settings: view them, change them, act on them.
There’s more.
In addition to the subscription-based features of Trade-Ideas, the free End-of-Day scans and Intraday (but delayed) scans are also optimized for smartphones.  Once you create your scan look at the bottom of the page for the link that says, ‘Mobile’, along with the other options for embedding scans on your blog or webpage.  Example.
Let us know what you think!