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How Twitter Improves My Trades – A Dummy Makes A Comeback

Oct 29, 2008

Using Twitters helps my feel for the markets and satisfies my sense of community with fellow traders.
Specifically I use Twitter:
  • to contribute to the conversation among those I follow and those who follow me.  I do this by taking advantage of the ample resources Trade-Ideas makes available to the trading community at
    • For instance I might create a free intraday scan based on the topic of conversation, or I might link to the list of symbols alerting a head and shoulders pattern.  I do this to build up my reputation as an expert and valuable contributor – you could do the same within your community and mine!

    • to get reactions on how a variety of traders with different profiles and preferences are trading the markets.  This is a real benefit because those Twitters that I follow have already been pre-screened by me (by virture of me deciding to follow them).  As their insights help me make sense of the markets, my process of developping themes for the market and deciding on which strategies to trade becomes easier.  Here’s my Twitter profile:
    If you’re not a member of Twitter yet, consider joining.  I think it’s liberating to be a free forum of trading insights without the feeling of being in a closed forum like EliteTrader or others.  Can anyone argue this point with me?
    Today I followed this conversation that led me to rediscover a strategy we wrote about on this blog back in 2005.  What comes around goes around!
    StockTickr: Sleepy trading day. My trade in $WSM finally woke up. Others on my radar were: $APOL, $VPRT, $SEE, $NXY, $AG, and $GRMN. 

    Prospectus: @StockTickr What setups do you trade? Dummy trades?

    StockTickr: @Prospectus Yes one strategy I’m trading is a variation of the dummy style.

    TradeIdeas: @StockTickr @Prospectus How to Model a ‘Dummy’ in Trade-Ideas: about 1 hour ago from web in reply to StockTickr

    The link to the strategy mentioned in my Twit post is here:
    Recycling is a good thing!