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Results of Automated Trading: Trade-Ideas Turducken Mash-Up

Nov 27, 2008

Trade-Ideas’ Automated Trading Bot ran off 3 profitable days of trading this week.  That’s notable because:
  • this is the first week we’ve been trading automated strategies designed for this market’s volatile action – and not on a testing basis
  • we’re relearning our own tool – gaining insight on how to trade profitably given any commission structure (Hint: all depends on your average lot size – some of this explained in the video)
Spielberg’s Pet Rock Could Make a Better Video
For now.  We are learning.  We’re also not too big on lots of editing because we don’t want to give any impression the real-time results recorded are rigged in any way.  We will have to eventually edit more (or have edited versions) for brevity’s sake.
Here are the videos.  They will also soon appear on Trade-Ideas’ YouTube Channel where many other videos featuring basic functionality reside.  The first set (2 videos) is from November 24, 2008.  The other days will appear as either related videos or ‘More from Trade-Ideas’ links.  Subscribe to the channel and you won’t miss a day of results – we may not video a losing day, but we will show you the record of how the robot performed each day we use it – either in the next video or here at the blog.

Short on time? 
  • Best parts of Part 1: Skip to 4:13 as the earlier stuff is exposition
  • Part 2: Timestamp 2:30, 4:15, and 5:30
The Automated Trading 411
Trades execute through the Trade Ideas LLC account held at TD AMERITRADE – that’s right, we’re trading retail to prove a point.  This technology is cutting edge (just watch) and it’s not behind the iron curtain of a powerful institution (an oxymoron these days) or a Stevie Cohen secret hedge fund.  Revenue is where the volume is – partners like TD AMERITRADE and others offer Trade-Ideas large numbers of active traders and we in turn provide the technology to improve their trading.
Want to learn more about the lessons learned from automated trading? Look no further than Dave Mabe of StockTickr who chronicles his journey in his popular series of blog posts –
Ending on the High Notes
First some kind words for @StockTickr and @TradeIdeas from Joey the Downtowntrader:

Thank You!

Happy Thanksgiving to All