Dec 10, 2008

Who Needs Bad News with Good News Like This

Our Director of Trader Education, Jamie Hodge, guest blogs today with something from the, “Ever-Optimist” file:

I couldn’t resist compiling the headlines (in proper order) from Google Business today:

They are as follows as of 2:42pm PST.

  1. EA Reduces forcast on holiday sales
  2. Sony will cut 8000 jobs as recession( hey, i guess we’re in a recession now, Sony says so) curbs demand
  3. Alleged that Fannie and Freddie ignored dangerous Alt-A loans
  4. T-Bills at negative rates
  5. Cubs sale could be helped by bankruptcy decision
  6. Pending home sales slip, store sales fall
  7. Kroger prft slips 6% after expense rise
  8. United sells planes to raise cash
  9. FedEx and Con-Way warn – UPS gets downgrade by JPM
  10. Sprint may close up to 20 call centers
  11. Whole Foods sues FTC
  12. Playboy to continue aggressive cost cuts in 2009 ;<
  13. Southwest Airlines trims 1 Buffalo-Orlando flight ( I don’t know who should be happier, Florida or Buffalo, in any case, you gotta love Herb)

And I’m sure there’s some bad news out there as well . . .