Jan 20, 2009

Coming Back? Returning Traders Guide to Trade-Ideas

“Yeah we tease him alot cuz we got him on the spot, welcome back.  Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.”

Welcome Back Kotter Theme Song

Often Trade-Ideas and our subscribers resemble the local neighborhood bar. The locals there everyday collecting their mail. The casual drifters. The frequent regulars. Many start as one type of customer and switch to another. We keep the taps clean and the information flowing – whoever we are serving.

Are you a customer coming back to Trade-Ideas after some time off? Could have been with another set of tools; getting more education; raising more capital – we won’t ask any questions. Instead here’s a guide to help you so you don’t skip a beat. It comes straight from a IM session:

Welcome Back! Remember to sign the exchange agreements
(12:13:20 PM) bricerator: hey there. U have time for a quick setup question?
(12:14:30 PM) David: i can anticipate the question
(12:14:34 PM) David: here’s the answer: https://trade-ideas.54solutions.com/AdvancedFeatures.html

(12:14:46 PM) David: visit the Entitlement section and fill out the exchange agreements to see the symbols on that exchange – that’s something new that previous customers did not have to do.
(12:14:56 PM) bricerator: I did that
(12:15:05 PM) David: oh ok. Well done.

Quick Answer to How You Find Fast Moves with Trade-Ideas
(12:15:35 PM) bricerator: I just want a list that shows 1, 5 and 10 minute fast moves
(12:16:04 PM) bricerator: how can I set that up?
(12:16:19 PM) David: look at the intermediate running up alerts
(12:16:42 PM) bricerator: where is the alert section?
(12:17:04 PM) David: https://trade-ideas.54solutions.com/Help.html. You can also use our filters on the 1, 5, 10 minute candles – for instance show me all stocks with a 5x higher than normal volume on the last candlestick
(12:17:20 PM) bricerator: oh I like that too
(12:17:20 PM) David: right click and select Configure – you’ll see the series of tabs
(12:17:33 PM) bricerator: oh ok

We’re Constantly Improving the Product – How to Catch Up
(12:17:47 PM) David: a lot has changed since you last used the tool
(12:17:54 PM) David: look at our video for some overview
(12:17:55 PM) David: https://trade-ideas.54solutions.com/VideoHelp/Menu.html – new videos get added all the time. For example new videos are there that demonstrate our automated trading capabilities
(12:18:27 PM) David: also glance at what we’ve added since your last use: https://trade-ideas.54solutions.com/WhatsNew.html
(12:19:29 PM) David: Since you are a paying subscriber, let me also give you an email to our Director of Education, Jamie Hodge. We give a 1-hr, 1 on 1 training session to anyone who subscribes
(12:19:38 PM) bricerator: k
(12:19:45 PM) David: to get the most out of it; you should familiarize your self with the videos first before contacting Jamie
(12:19:52 PM) bricerator: k
(12:19:56 PM) David: his email is jhodge@trade-ideas.com 
(12:20:12 PM) David: just give him 2-3 times that are most convenient for you and he’ll schedule you
(12:22:38 PM) bricerator: k, I will watch video and get with jamie. Thanks!
(12:22:48 PM) David: ok

Welcome Back!