Jan 29, 2009

Trade-Ideas In Your Town: San Diego, Annual Partners Meeting

I am headed to San Diego Friday away from some miserable weather all along the East coast for our annual Partners Meeting. 

The other partners and our staff don’t have far to travel as they live in the coastal towns just north of the city. I have to hike it from Atlanta, GA.  As a result there won’t be too much to post about until I come back with a recap and a head full of steam like a few years ago.

I know from Twitter and elsewhere, there are those of you in the San Diego area.  If you are close and would like to meet for a drink, please let us know at info”at”trade-ideas.com or on Twitter: http://twitter.com/TradeIdeas

Here’s a summary of the agenda we’ll discuss:
  1. Location of bottle opener – Opening Ceremonies of alcohol containers
  2. Summary of 2008 Accomplishments and Missed Opportunities
  3. Industry Outlook
  4. Economic Outlook
  5. Strategy and ’09 Business Plan
  6. Development Plans
  7. Marketing
  8. Staff 
  9. Systems
  10. Partnerships: Ones We Grow, Ones We Let Go
  • a. Financial reporting
  • b. Security
  • c. Reliability
  • d. Hardware
  • e. Product Development
  • f. Organization, responsibilities