Feb 4, 2009

Trade Your Ideas on the Changes We’re Making to Website and Blog


One of the themes from our Annual Partners’ Meeting in San Diego focused on the need to get out of our customer’s way in their pursuit to find, subscribe, and download their way to better trading decisions.  This is especially true of the customers who aren’t “touched” by any of us physically or verbally via support or email – rather someone who hears about us via a trading buddy or via our social web presence (e.g., YouTube or Twitter @TradeIdeas).
We can only leverage our support resources and appearances so many times, so it’s important customers – who perceive the need to better identify profitable trading patterns – come to our site, understand the benefits they receive, subscribe to Trade-Ideas, and experience value all in as few steps and with as few obstacles as possible.
So we’re going to tiddy up the halls a bit and we hope things become so much clearer as a result. Change, after all, is in the air.
I’m asking for your help in evaluating some of the changes.
A few weeks ago I pulled out of the closet a video in draft form that seeks to explain Trade-Ideas and our technology:
Here’s another closet item that I’ll dust off: https://trade-ideas.54solutions.com/Samples/Brad/OM-Tiger.html

I welcome any comments about these messages and others you think about when you use Trade-Ideas technology.  That’s about it from the closet.  We’ve put the project into some professional hands who will be helping us, so your input will be used!