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How Twitter Put 2 Partners Together: The Sum Greater Than Its Parts

Mar 5, 2009

Thanks to for the chance to talk about in a recent interview.  It all started with Twitter.

Twitter is an amazing tool.

I hear it explained in many different ways. The most popular description – the one cited by its founders as a way to describe what you are doing in less than 140 characters – doesn’t explain why I use it.

I explain it to those not using the tool that it is analogous to be a fly on the wall to the most interesting communities you otherwise would never get the chance to witness. I like to follow thought leaders in various domains – this mainly includes traders but by no means is this exclusive to just those in the markets. I follow chefs, artists, venture capitalists, and of course @THE_REAL_SHAQ. Many of these people actual sound-out concepts they are forming in their world on Twitter. They do so to get some initial feedback that often serves to further finish their original idea into a fuller thought. Often times the Twit happens first and the blog post follows later. Regardless it is entertaining and enlightening to be there at the first instance of these ‘brain droppings’. Just clean your shoes often.

Note: I gave a presentation on Twitter for our Annual Partners meeting in San Diego which you can view here.

Twitter put me into contact with @TraderAlamo and @JeffreyLin, the founders of, and what started as reading Twits blossomed into a lunch and taped interview in the Meat Packing District of NYC. How could such connections have occurred in the past at this kind of speed? Impossible unless serendipitous. Beyond the opportunities that lie ahead for our entirely complementary goals, there’s the value gained from interacting with really talented and interesting people for which I’m thankful.

Here is the interview:

Trader Chat: Interview with David Aferiat of

(Transcript and comments included at the link)