Mar 18, 2009

We Found Your Trade-Ideas T-Shirt. Let Us Know Where to Send It.

Yes, you lost your old one, right?
Maybe it was too many uses as the car wash rag – hey, a thousand uses is fine with us.
Since we launched Trade-Ideas way back in January of 2003, every subscriber receives a free T-Shirt.  
Was your shirt lost in the mail?  
The wrong size?  
“Borrowed” by your spouse?  
Worn out from too many trips to the gym?  
Stained from too many Jell-O shots or that Jell-O wrestling bachelor party? (Thank goodness no pics taken that night).
Whatever the circumstances.  You read this blog, you like Trade-Ideas – have a T-shirt on us.
Please contact if you need a replacement.
UPDATE: The first 3 people to proudly display their Trade-Ideas T-Shirt in their profile picture (on Twitter or anywhere else) will receive 100 credits to use The OddsMaker, our backtesting tool.