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Automated Trade Ideas in Your Hand: You Set Our Course

Jun 10, 2009

Trade-Ideas on your smartphone: iPhone or Palm Pre or Blackberry

Who wants to trade on such a confined space? On the go . . . making so many decisions with so many distractions?
Trading actively and manually doesn’t seem to make much sense. But supervising fully automated trades with automated risk management controls (what we call ‘gray-box’ trading) does make sense.
We are looking into the possibility of creating a Trade Ideas application for the iPhone and or the Palm Pre. We hesitated at first as we did not see exactly how it would work – and in many ways, it doesn’t. But then we thought about automation. Many traders who use our Automated Trading Robot like to track what is going on without sitting at the computer.
No – not the golf course (not necessarily) (and BTW what a cliche!)
Let’s start with just the bathrooom, or at the lunch table, or the skilled barista who knows you by name.
Supervising Bot Trading on the smartphone would include the following capabilities:
  • Alerts when P/L reaches a critical point in either direction.
  • 1-click ability to adjust positions (e.g., 1/2 a position, 2x a position) or slightly modify existing rules from the phone.
  • Halt trading, automation, and/or completely exit position(s).
So now we’re looking at the various development kits. Any suggestions or comments from our customers and blog readers are welcome. Is there something (i.e., feature, capability, platform, etc.) that we overlooked?