Jun 24, 2009

Show Your Colors, Take Some Credit

With the recent website redesign comes a roll of new banners that hopefully convey the value we bring to the trade decision process. If you agree and one of these banners resonates with you, feel free to place them on your blog or social media outlet. They come in several shapes and forms.

Anyone who agrees to replace their old Trade-Ideas banners (which we haven’t discontinued) and/or picks one to use on their site, will receive 200 credits towards the use of The OddsMaker (i.e., 200 x times to hit the ‘Backtest’ button and see results). If you’re not a Trade-Ideas PRO subscriber who can take advantage of this offer:
  1. you should be, but
  2. let me know and we’ll send you a t-shirt instead.
Check out the list of what’s available here and thank you in advance for your support!
Just one of the many in the stable:

If you would like information on becoming a more involved affiliate, please email me for the details at david@trade-ideas.com.