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Like “Kobe Doin’ Work”, To Get Great You Gotta Watch the Tape

Jul 13, 2009

Here’s one in an occasional series of posts highlighting the growing number of our partners who’s adding value to the trading community. Today we highlight an educational service that leverages the use of realtime video to provide insight on the decisions of an experienced trader reacting to the market’s opportunities.

The educational service is run by two professional traders known to us at Trade Ideas for over 10 years: Steve Gomez and Andy Lindloff. Both can show trading scars since the mid 90s and continue to profit from the experience in any market. That kind of longevity by itself is a testament to their skills. But great traders are not always good educators. Additionally as in sports a player and his/her coaches must appreciate each other’s style and method for playing the game. Fortuntately TodayTrader’s unique spin on a trading service means you know upfront whether or not this method is for you.

The Method
Traders watch via video as Steve and Andy trade during the day. It’s like the process in medical school regarding procedures: see one, do one, teach one.
In my own experience starting out, it was critical to be in a trading group where people made money so that you could watch and see what was working. Learning through imitation. Today good trading floors are hard to find especially if you are not in a big city. That is where TodayTrader really helps the novice. You can log in and watch what Andy and Steve are doing in real-time day to day and learn from their mistakes as well as from their success.
Steve and Andy both use Trade Ideas to help them isolate good trading opportunities. This video channel on YouTube showcases how Steve trades opportunity and uses Trade Ideas to find them.
Watch the video, get familiar with Steve and Andy, and determine if their’s is a method of learning from which you can benefit.