Oct 28, 2009

Format and Themes for Upcoming StockTwits Episodes & Videos

Written by Katie Gomez

[Queue the Rocky theme song]

We’re getting in fight shape as we practice several pilot episodes for our eventual debut on StockTwits.tv. Believe me – we need the practice. But in the end it will benefit you, dear reader & viewer.
Here’s our current format for a 15 minute show. When we start taking tweets, we’ll grow to 30 minutes:
  1. Intro – Market summary
  2. Strategy in Automation – description of pattern we’re hunting in realtime; odds of our trading plan
  3. Charts! – what trades we’ve done, we’re in, and what might pop up during show
  4. P&L Update – where we are today and how we are managing the trades
Several themes will be recurring in our episodes. These are the touchstones for the way we trade. It’s not the only way to use the Trade Ideas tools (goodness knows there are better traders using our technology), but this is how we use “the scalpel” to heal and grow the patient (our P&L).
  • When trading try and let the P&L speak to you. Be less concerned about what will or might happen; just focus rather, on P&L in the now
  • So much time is spent on looking at charts not realizing that it is where YOU are in the trade (i.e., the plan/expectations you set before the trade) that is most important
  • This is what separates great, good, average, and bad traders: The ability to see the relativity of price action to your entry (i.e., what’s your stock’s wiggle?)
  • Trader as scientist. One of the most critical points as a trader: How does one know whether to keep doing what they are doing or change tactics (i.e., hypothesis and assumption testing)
Have a preference for what you’d like to see in an episode? Leave us a comment about format or topic you want to see covered.
Stay tuned.