Jan 11, 2010

Trade-Ideas Version of Gainers & Losers: Latest from Support Forum

Written by Katie Gomez

Some recent posts in the Trade-Ideas Unofficial Support Forum contain interesting strategies – this one asks about Gainers & Losers.

REQUEST: How to set to get top Gainers and Losers alert for stocks with, min price$5, max price$20,daily average volume is 1.000.000 and min current volume is 250.000
We also delivered several new features recently to the capabilities of Trade-Ideas:
  1. New Bid/Ask ratio that looks for stacked sides in the inside market: https://trade-ideas.54solutions.com/Help.html#WSF_MinBAR
  2. Reverse engineer a new set-up from a symbol that’s in the pattern you want to model: Stocks Like This
  3. A helpful tool for understanding our use of negative numbers in Min/Max filters: https://trade-ideas.54solutions.com/MinMaxNegative/