Jan 18, 2010

Don’t get Mad, Scan the market with ease!

Written by Katie Gomez

It can be frustrating, trying to scan the market on your own to find that set up you saw while you were trading. That is where it helps to have market scanning software that can also be your trading set up search engine. We listened to our customers and as a result we have a new web based search tool that helps you find other stocks that are doing the exact same thing.

Let’s take a look. The tool is called “Stocks Like This” and it works as follows. Simply type in the symbol for a stock that you saw setting up. Tell our software the time that the move happened, and our stock market scanner will show you all of the internal data that we registered for that stock during the move. Then simply export the filters that you deem the most relevant and immediately our stock alerts scanner will report all other stocks that match the filter criteria for the symbol that you inserted.
If you are still having any trouble, just sign up for a complimentary training session and one of our customer service representatives will walk you through the whole process, at no cost.
There is no need to get frustrated and mad. Scan the market on your terms!