Feb 18, 2010

iPhone Stock Screener, version 2, is now available in the app store

Written by Katie Gomez

Be sure to check out the recent upgrades to our iPhone app!

What’s new in version 2

  • We’ve added more icons for clarity.
  • You can now log in to your Trade-Ideas account from your iPhone. This is not required, but it will allow you to access some additional features.
  • Your scans can now include custom symbol lists. You can now scan for only certain symbols, or exclude certain symbols.
  • You can now sync your stock scans between your iPhone and your computer. You can create a market scan on either one, and then use it on the other.

Free Realtime Market Data on the iPhone

We’ve gotten one request more than any other. People want to get realtime market data rather than delayed data. And they want it for free.

That’s a little tricky for a number of reasons. There are exchange fees, of course. But we’re working on it. We plan to set it up where you can use the data from your Trade-Ideas account or your brokerage account on your iPhone. You’re already paying for that, so why not use it everywhere you go?

Do you like our iPhone app?

We’ve got a lot of active users, but only a handful of reviews in the iTunes store. This is a free product. We’re doing it all for the publicity. If you like our iPhone app, and you want us to continue working on it, please give us a good review. Thanks!

Download our Free iPhone app

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