Feb 22, 2010

What can a Stock Scanner do for you?

Written by Katie Gomez

There is lots of stuff going on behind the scenes at Trade-Ideas. As we work to bring the latest innovations in trading and investing to market we really want to hear from our users. Here is the bottom line. We have lots of alerts and filters to choose from. Basically, when you configure the Trade Ideas stock scanner, you can slice the market up in almost any way that you can imagine. That said, we know there are great ideas out there and we would love to incorporate them if possible. Here is a small example of some features that are coming soon to a Trade-Ideas stock scanner near you.

1) MACD’s on multiple time frames
2) Stochastics on multiple time frames
3) RSI on more time frames
4) Top lists
All of the above is already in the works and being tested. Tell us what you want. Post a comment on the blog or send an email to dan@trade-ideas.com
We are serious about getting more of our customers involved in contributing to the feature set!