Apr 3, 2010

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner Guilty of Performance Enhancing

Written by Katie Gomez

Oh boy, we knew this was going to come out sooner or later. It is now impossible to hide that using the Trade Ideas stock scanner is the equivalent of using performance enhancing drugs. For over a year we have been working on some magic on our “back end” technology. The massive server farm that crunches all of the data behind the scenes was getting a big makeover to utilize some of the more powerful new technology that just metaphorically speaking adds nitrous to the Ferrari.

As a result a lot of new features will be coming to you all by the end of next week. Here is list of some of the features:
Multi-time frame MACD signal line crosses
Daily ADX, +DI, -DI

This is of course just a taste. We are working on some amazing data visualization innovations that should take scanning to the next level. Click here to keep tabs on all the new features.