May 12, 2010

New Milestone for Trade-Ideas Stock Scanner 350K unique users

Written by Katie Gomez

Today we are proud to announce that the Trade-Ideas stock scanner has crossed over the 350,000 unique user mark. Since inception in 2002, our real-time stock scanner has attracted active traders from all around the world as they seek to get the information edge.

Consider this, TradeStation, which is an online brokerage with a market cap of 400 million specializing in technical analysis has less than 50 thousand customers. What this tells us, in terms of our technology is that active investors across all brokers need our services, because you can’t get them in other places. Imitations are flattering do not count.

There are some amazing developments in the pipeline. Our users should note how fast we have been adding functionality lately. This is just the beginning. Our team has been working on a complete redo of TI PRO so get ready and get excited, the best is still to come.