Jun 5, 2010

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner Free Powerful Tools for Profits

Written by Katie Gomez

One can get very powerful stock picking information for free from the Trade-Ideas web site. Would you like to know which stocks have at least doubled in the last 20 days? This is easy to do. Take a look at our screen and see how easy it is to find the answer to this question.

Here are the specific scan paramenters:

1) Stock has Min Price of .50 and a Max Price of 50
2) Stock has to have increased at least 100% over the last 20 days

What makes this particular screen powerful is that it does not mean that these stocks are still on highs, it just means that they have had a move of 100% or more in the last 20 days. There are some great opportunities to position yourself either long or short in a scan like this.

To use this stock screener you do not have to subscribe to Trade-Ideas simply create a username and password and you are ready to go.