Jan 4, 2011

Starting the New Year Right

Written by Katie Gomez

It is easy to get overwhelmed with information today. Not just from the market but from a host of other venues that try to help one find what to trade. Research is getting faster and faster. With so many things coming at you we thought we would take a small step back and show you the various ways to access the most advanced number crunching software available today.

1) Trade Ideas Web
2) Trade Ideas Pro

Both versions of the software do similar things but the access changes. Trade Ideas web allows you to get real-time streaming alerts on your mobile phone, iPad, or web browser on your desktop. It is easy to use and easy to access. However as with many web based products there are some limitations. Speed and flexibility are some of the things are compromised. For the professional who needs to have power at his/her fingertips there is Trade Ideas Pro. This is the desktop version that gives the end user the kind of power that allows you to save layouts and customize views in a way to give the end user the ultimate in custom experiences!

You can try out the software for free by typing in DEMO as the username and password.
If you want to get the latest on how we are using the software follow us on Twitter by following either @TradeIdeas1 or @TradeIdeas.

We spent quite a bit of time creating the video help & YouTube archive to give you access to all the tools and tricks to get you through the learning curve quickly. If you need more help contact us and arrange for your free training session it is a great way to get started.

Let’s enjoy the new year and start profiting today!!