Feb 22, 2011

In New York with NASDAQ

Written by Katie Gomez

NASDAQ Velocity and Forces® — A Real-Time Tool for Tracking Market Direction, Momentum and Liquidity

NASDAQ Velocity and Forces® measures levels of pre-trade order activity in the NASDAQ trading system to indicate the intensity of trading interest and relative buy versus sell pressure.

Market Velocity measures the intensity of the trading interest using order messages entering NASDAQ trading systems — Execute your trading strategy before other traders by comparing the expected order activity in a security with the current activity to detect surges in trading interest before trades occur.

Market Forces provides a real-time, pre-trade indication of the direction of the market by indicating whether trading interest is surging in buy or sell orders. Used in conjunction with NASDAQ Market Velocity, traders can determine trends and when to place buy or sell orders to secure the best prices.

Velocity and Forces offers the perfect pairing of market intensity and trend awareness to arm you with the insight necessary to predict the most effective trading times. As with any trading tool or strategy, NASDAQ Velocity and Forces does not guarantee profit.

See stock specific NASDAQ Velocity and Forces data in the new ticky™! Look for new alerts and filters coming soon that will utilize Velocity and Forces data.