Mar 27, 2011

New Version Getting warmer

Written by Katie Gomez

As many of you already know we are working on a completely new version of Trade Ideas Pro. What did we do differently this time? Ok the first thing is this, we took the evolution approach versus the revolution. It means that at first glance you should not find the new version too different. The most important things are under the hood. We have discussed this in other blog posts but under the hood is where our users will get the most bang for their buck. The new version is in C#. We did this for a number of reasons. We will be able to do more customizations quickly. Our business is a business of change. New features and ways to combine data force us to develop very quickly. If you want to see how fast Trade Ideas changes look no further than here.

But that rate was with the old code. The new code is going to give us even more power. If you want to get the latest version of our beta like I just did, click here. Select the second optional link,

In terms of key features one is a next generation of top lists. You will be able to make some amazing queries and see almost unlimited combinations of data. Consider stocks that have gapped up 5% or more sorted by which is up the most in the last 15 minutes as in the attached picture. All sorts of things like that are now going to be possible.