Aug 16, 2011

Next Generation Tools from Nasdaq and Trade-Ideas Partnership

Written by Katie Gomez

There comes a time once in a while when a real deal changer in terms of technology for traders comes to the market. This was the case with Level 2 data and SOES and SelectNet in the early nineties. That time is almost upon us again.

Specifically what we are talking about is the marriage of Nasdaq’s proprietary analytic data called Velocity and Forces which measures the speed and inclination of incoming orders before they are executed on the market with Trade-Ideas global alerting and filtering. The result is a new depth of information to make the most informed trading decisions possible.

While neither product is completely new the combination is a power punch that simply has never existed before.

First of all you will be able to now watch the entire market in real-time applying this proprietary analytic to the data. Examples: “Show me 60 highs as they run into large NASDAQ V&F Sell Pressure” Or “Show me stocks in a narrow range with NASDAQ V&F Buy Pressure building” this is the next level stuff and you can only get it through Trade-Ideas. For anyone who remembers how it was important to be able to follow certain market makers who were referred to as the AXE, you know names like GSCO, and MSCO, and JEFF before the market because so fragmented with ECN’s. Those traders can now enjoy a new competitive advantage as we serve up the next generation of AXE data.

We believe it says quite a bit for NASDAQ to work with Trade-Ideas to bring this next level of information to the broad trading market. It is time to take advantage of the latest cutting edge technology and sign up!