Sep 11, 2011

Quantalitics The Shape of Things To Come

Written by Katie Gomez

When the going gets tough the tough get going 🙂 Everyone who is involved in any kind of trading for income knows that recently the game has been challenging. Very rarely are professional endeavors easy but lately the market has been especially tricky. Why is that the case? There are several reasons:

For starters traditional metrics that measure price action are terribly antiquated for today’s tape. Remember that indicators like the RSI (Relative Strength Index) were created over 40 years ago. Japanese Candlesticks go back something like 1000 years. These same indicators are present in every major chart package. The problem is while these indicators have some informative value nobody is giving you tools that help you understand and what to do with stocks when certain indicator scenarios present themselves.

The feel. In sports it is called the zone. It is when all planning is put to the side and you execute the game plan. It is the reason that a Stanford or Harvard MBA does no good in the trading world. You can’t just write an equation to solve the market alpha problem. You have to get a feel. The market is a reflection of our collective conscious. Support and resistance lines are just areas that attract your eyes. You have to figure out what to do when the time comes and that is not easy.

The problem with feel is that it us usually a direct derivative of bloody noses. I learned how to trade through over 15 years of making mistakes and dealing with the types of emotions that come up when you are hit hard over and over and over again. Part of my fortune is timing. I learned to trade at a time when the market was in a formative phase 94-98. There were mechanical advantages that existed that no longer exist today. Nonetheless all of that served to help me get the feel. Now we are working to mold our software in such a way as to help you get the feel faster.

People all over the world are doing the same exact thing. Watching the S&P, watching the DOW, watching Gold. People watch that on various time frames. If you are looking for an edge doing the same exact thing that everyone else is doing I have some bad news for you, it’s not going to happen. You have to do something different. When Tiger Woods came on the scene in golf and started lighting up tournaments people in the golf world started to examine what Tiger was doing. What they found was that Tiger practiced differently from most other golfers in quantity and quality. Plus he spent an enormous amount of time at the gym working on the physical body to help him get swing results.

That brings us to Quantalitics. Quantalitics is data stream like no other. It takes our proprietary data of intraday price action combined in a proprietary way with our statistical volume analysis and gives the viewer a stream of green and red pulses that goes right to your subconscious. Your mind’s eye sees this data and starts to interpret the data as a barometer of price action. Since everyone else and their grandma is not looking at this stream you have an edge because you are looking more at the internals. Thins like 10 minute and 30 minute and 60 minute highs and lows that are taking place with a certain type of volume.

The second part of the feel is to run through 15 years of day trading without the 15 years. In all of trading software there is only one option that is available that will let you accomplish what I am talking about and that is the OddsMaker Do yourself a trading favor and just watch this video. It will be the best time investment you can make for your trading career. Put the OddsMaker and Quantalitics together and you have the best one two combination for capturing alpha in this challenging market. Take a look at some of our recent videos on how I am doing exactly that which I write about in this article!