Sep 15, 2011

NASDAQ and Trade Ideas Power Punch

Written by Katie Gomez

We gave you hints that behind the scenes, work on one of the more powerful innovations to hit the trading markets was happening. Today we released Nasdaq Velocity and Forces data completely integrated as alerts and filters inside Trade Ideas. Why is this such a big deal?

This is pre-trade data. This is orders coming into the system before they are executed!

Put another way: Velocity & Forces data inside Trade Ideas allows you to scan the whole market for buyers and sellers versus just price action and trading patterns.  Imagine you could color code those traders in the iconic images of them in the pits and automatically tally which trade direction they were about to take before they started shouting.  Buyers or sellers – which is the larger group?

NASDAQ recognizes Trade Ideas as the first and exclusive tool in the whole world to use this technology and now it’s in your hands. Patent pending.

You can combine existing Trade Ideas alerts and filters with Nasdaq Velocity and Forces data to your search. For example show me a channel breakout with large number or buy orders or a channel breakdown with a large number of sell orders! There is almost an unlimited way in which you can slice and dice the data to give yourself the ultimate advantage.

Here’s an example strategy we posted in our support forum:

This is a one of a kind technology and if you are even remotely trying to get some edge you should be looking at this data in real time!

Here are the definitions of the alerts and filters based on NASDAQ Velocity and Forces data.