Dec 17, 2011

Introducing Trade-Ideas Pro 3.1

Written by Katie Gomez

Trade-Ideas is on the leading edge of stock scanning and event backtesting technology. Maintaining the role of market leader requires a mantra of “constant and never-ending improvement” regarding our technology, partnerships, and personnel. I’m happy announce that I’ve joined the Trade-Ideas team during an exciting growth period for the company.

Allow me to briefly introduce myself before introducing the newest version of the Trade-Ideas Pro stock scanning and backtesting software. My name is Scott Olson and I’m honored to join Dan, Phil, Brad, David, Jamie, and the rest of the TI team as their new Director of Marketing. I had the privilege of working with some of the crew back in the early 2000s in a software startup. So, I’m excited to come onboard to work on marketing strategies for Trade-Ideas. 2012 is going to be an exciting year for our company and our customers.  

The Trade-Ideas Pro 3.1 rollout

I happened to join the TI team during the beta testing of the replacement for Trade-Ideas 2.3. A newbie couldn’t pick a better time to learn about the software and the improvements that Trade-Ideas Pro 3.1 brings to the table.

Trade-Ideas Pro 3.1 is available for download here.

There are a lot of exciting new features. So, what’s new?

The TI Pro 3.1 Options menu has additional connectivity options and we are now translated into Dutch, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and Russian.

New ways to view the market depths

TI Pro 3.1 adds two new types of windows to compliment the Alert window. We now offer Top List and Multi-Strategy windows. Use the Top List windows to view the biggest gainers, losers, volume movers, gapers, and more. The lists are filterable, sortable, and configurable, helping you spot interesting stocks.
Top List Windows
The Multi-Strategy window is a powerful tool to find interesting events happening now. You can configure as many strategies as you want in a Multi-Strategy window and easily toggle the strategies on and off.  This video highlights the new features in the Multi-Strategy window.

Odds even more in your favor

Our Oddsmaker backtesting  module is the only event based stock backtesting tool on the market. It’s one of our most popular and praised features. We’ve made improvements to the Oddsmaker that will provide you with more ammo for the hunt.

When you select to use Oddsmaker from an alert window, the Oddsmaker window for that alert is opened.
Oddsmaker Window
The Oddsmaker results are now displayed more clearly and you have several options to export the results. If you select “Copy Data to Clipboard”, you can easily paste the results as you see them into another program like Email, Notepad, or Word.
Oddsmaker Results
Selecting “Save Detailed Results” allows you to save the detailed data for each and every trade as a CSV or Excel file. Traders who want to drill-down into the details of how their setups preform can leverage this information to finely tune successful strategies.
Oddmaker Detail Export

Take your scans on the road – QR codes

Another area Trade-Ideas continues to innovate is making it quick and easy for traders to share their strategies across email, instant message, and social networking apps like Twitter and Facebook. Our Collaborate feature is built into all our windows (Alert, Top List, Multi-Strategy). And we’ve made it even easier to get the collaboration links in and out of the window.

Now there are buttons to help you copy/paste the Collaborate link for sharing. However, the biggest change is the addition of a QR code to the window. 
Collaborate QR Code
Use the Collaborate QR code to get your alerts and lists onto your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets! You can even share the link from your phone by simply texting or emailing that link to a friend or colleague. This video demonstrates how easy it is to get your lists and alerts to your phone!

TI Pro 3.1 is easier to configure

The new Configuration window streamlines selecting the right alerts and filters to get your strategies and lists just right to find the best opportunities. Selecting and searching for alerts and filters is now much easier. This video demonstrates how these changes benefit the user.

Configuration Window

Get Trade-Ideas Pro 3.1

The newest version of the best stock screening and backtesting software is available for download here. If you aren’t yet a Trade-Ideas subscriber, you can try TI Pro3.1 for free (download and login as “DEMO”).

To sign up for a Trade-Ideas account or to receive updates, sign up here.  

I’m looking forward to big things in 2012. Follow me on Twitter for updates (@TradeIdeas_Scot) so you don’t miss any news or updates.