Jan 24, 2012

Join Trade-Ideas in Supporting Jeans 4 Justice

Written by Katie Gomez

As many of you are aware, Trade-Ideas is a longtime supporter of the Jeans 4 Justice charity organization. Jeans 4 Justice is a unique non-profit organization dedicated to ending sexual violence through the use of creative awareness campaigns and innovative education programs. 

We recently sat down to lunch with the executive director of the organization, Jessica Johnson, and she filled us in on the progress of their most recent initiative, LEAD IT, which is a part of the J4J Campus program. LEAD IT focuses on working with college communities to engage, educate, and encourage students to take charge and stand up against sexual violence.  

J4J Campus provides students with workshops that help improve self-awareness, confidence, communication, and how to effectively work with others while also helping them to develop a deepened understanding of their own values and beliefs. These workshops encourage students to expand their knowledge and provide resources for the prevention of sexual assault.  Through working with students, Jessica hopes to help cultivate young minds and provide a safe haven for individuals who have personal experiences with sexual abuse. 


Much like Trade-Ideas, Jeans for Justice relies heavily on word of mouth to spread their message. We’re big fans of the Jeans 4 Justice organization, their accomplishments, and their message.

Sign up for their mailing list and let them know if you are available to volunteer, donate, attend an event, or share your story. For more information on the Jeans 4 Justice organization, upcoming J4J events, and their new J4J Campus program please visit the website: http://jeans4justice.org/