Oct 1, 2012

Buck Rogers Nailed the Markets in the 25th Century, Here’s How to Do It in the 21st

Written by Katie Gomez

During the software development meeting a position I was in jumped up almost $900 dollars.  This was a 200 share position so I took notice.  I looked at my P/L and noticed that I was short DBP at 66.19

Mind you I was not physically trading at all.  I now leave that to my version of “Twiki” (you remember, the robotic Ewok that was Buck Rogers’s companion robot in the 25th century? No, ah skip it).

The future of investing and trading (everything but the lasers and hyperdrive) is here right now.  My computer ’employs’ 8 virtual traders looking for specific set ups all day long.  They don’t get tired, they don’t need to take phone calls, they don’t need to use the bathroom and they don’t care about being long or short.

The robots are not flawless.  They lose money as is the nature of trading, but they act without emotion with respect to each win and loss.

Also let’s not confuse what I am doing for HFT (High Frequency Trading).  There is nothing remotely similar about it.  I am not co-located at any exchange. I am not quote-stuffing and there is no arbitrage to exploit.

Here’s what I am doing: I am paying retail commissions just like you.  I am utilizing a system of statistical analysis to find the highest numerical probabilities of confirmed patterns and expected outcomes and then, just like you, I take an educated albeit robotic guess.

I am doing what computers were meant to do: automating my intentions and making me more efficient.  If I had no company to run, could focus completely on the market, not have any interruptions from my wonderful kids, and keep my ego out of the long or short side, I still could not watch thousands of opportunities at once.  So I come up with the ideas and let my virtual traders confirm my ideas or refute them.  They begin and end my positions.

This is the trading world I now live in and don’t want to ever leave.  Interested in learning more?

We can help you emulate what I am doing via our Execution Consulting Services.  If you have any questions or just want to take a look at the technology send us an email to info@trade-ideas.com

Now back to your station!