Oct 31, 2012

Stocktoberfest 2012 with Trade Ideas

Written by Katie Gomez

Last week we were at Stocktoberfest in Coronado, CA presented by StockTwits. The event was a great opportunity to network and engage in productive discussions with investors, traders, money managers, and entrepreneurs.
As one of the Stocktoberfest sponsors, we want to thank everyone who attended and participated for making the event successful and fun, especially Howard Lindzon and the StockTwits team for all their hard work setting up and organizing the event.
Dan Mirkin, our CEO and co-founder, spoke about the Advent of Unstructured Data Mining for Alpha Capture. 
In the presentation, Dan highlighted the importance of using technology like Trade-Ideas to utilize unstructured data to find and exploit windows of investing and trading opportunity. This message complemented the Friday afternoon theme of “The New, New Stock Market” and “New Publishing Products”, where the presenters demonstrated how nontraditional and disruptive technology is changing investing, trading, and the way information is distributed, analysed, and acted upon.
Thanks again to everyone who participated and we look forward to follow-up conversations with everyone we were able to meet with. 

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