Nov 15, 2012

New Data – More Data – Better Data

Written by Katie Gomez

Slicing Fundamental Data with a Quant Knife

Our development pipeline is an open book found on the “What’s New” page of our site. We recently added a new complement of fundamental filters that add balance and flexibility in designing trade set-ups.

Our What’s New page displays the new fundamental filters

What type of data yields the best results for investing and trading: fundamental or technical? It’s not even a trick question anymore. Designing a profitable approach to the markets requires technical and fundamental parameters. It’s just that simple.

The market, as a remarkably efficient mechanism,  discounts both types of data. At times the market is focused on fundamental data, other times the market shifts focus to price action.

Instead of guessing what is important at any given time, Trade Ideas studies which parameters in a set-up contribute the most towards the profit of a given trading plan.  The indicator is sometimes price related e.g., position relative to a moving average, other times it’s volume related or even social and fundamental data. Often it is a cluster of 2 – 3 indicators that are clear determinants of a trading plan’s rate of return.

That is why it is important to have all the arrows in your quiver. Trade Ideas recently added the following fundamental data points to help find even more interesting alpha generating signals.  To some clients adding more options for designing trading set-ups can add more complexity.  That’s what makes our Execution Consulting business the most exciting business opportunity in the last several years.  We assess a customer’s trading preferences with a short questionnaire and transparently build a custom set-up and trading plan based on how a customer expects to invest in the market.

The newest filters added November 9th and available to all Trade Ideas subscribers include:

  • Enterprise Value
  • Revenue
  • Short Float
  • Up Since January 1st
  • Held by Institutions
  • Held by Insiders
  • Quarterly Revenue Growth
  • Quarterly Earnings Growth
  • Cash
  • Short Growth
  • Estimated Quarterly EPS Growth
  • Estimated Annual EPS Growth
  • PEG Ratio

Top List using fundamental filter data: high value companies sorted by revenue

Clients who’ve tried Execution Consulting, appreciate the value it provides: fully developed strategies crafted to succeed in current market conditions.  We work with you and formulate the strategies to best fit your specific portfolio, account size, preferred hold time, and risk tolerance.

Read more about Execution Consulting and sign up to schedule a consultation to see exactly how Execution Consulting from Trade Ideas will bring stability and predictability to your trading.