Feb 25, 2013

This e-Book Will Change Your Next Trade In a Big Way

Written by Katie Gomez

One of the benefits of Twitter and curated, Twitter communities like StockTwits I liked early on was the ability to follow certain people’s knowledge online that I otherwise would never get the chance to acquire.  Serendipitously being at the right cocktail party and overhearing the right conversation at the right moment:  Who wouldn’t benefit from that kind of access and opportunity?
So imagine how much more valuable it is when a man at the “intersection of markets, trading, and life” like Brian Lund distills the best lessons learned from the community of retail traders into a free e-book that’s sure to be a daily reference.
It’s called, “Trading: The Best of the Best – Top Trading Tips for our Times”.  Trade Ideas was fortunate enough to contribute several gems by which I trade.  Many of the contributors are fans and subscribers to Trade Ideas.  Are you in their company

I know you will find some wisdom in these pages as several flipped the light switch on for me. Click on the book above to get your free copy or follow this link: http://bclund.com/11953-2/

Let me know which quote will most impact your next trade in the comment section below.