Mar 14, 2013

Upcoming Live Event March 27th: Using Trade Ideas for Pre-Market Prep

Written by Katie Gomez

The importance of trader education

At Trade Ideas we actively encourage education and training for our customers. That’s why we offer each and every subscriber complimentary training and we provide webinars showing how to use Trade Ideas to ensure your continued success trading in the markets.

Introducing Barrie Einarson

As an important addition of our educational efforts, we’re happy to introduce Barrie Einarson as a new member of our service and support team. Barrie is a successful and active trader who uses Trade Ideas as an essential part of his daily trading regimen. He’s become an important and influential voice in the Trade Ideas Live Chat on our forums (join the live chat every day here). And he’s agreed to share how he uses Trade Ideas as an essential part of his successful trading.

“I have been trading my own account in the market since 1997 and up until 2010, my style had been mostly swing and position trading.  In 2010, I discovered Trade Ideas and once I became more familiar with it, I totally embraced the idea of day trading.  In October of 2012, Trade Ideas started a chat room for their subscribers and in February of 2013, Trade Ideas hired me to administer the chat room as well as to become part of their service and support team.” – Barrie Einarson

Webinar March 27th 5PM EDT: Using pre-market preparation for successful trading

Trade Ideas Pro will alert you to many potential opportunities during the trading day; however it’s still very important to prepare before the open. In this live web event, Barrie is going to show you exactly how he develops a solid list of stocks to focus on before the market opens. He’ll walk you through how to achieve this list.

The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, March 27th at 5:00pm EDT. Space will fill up, so register for the webinar now by clicking here. If you are unable to attend, registering for the event will ensure you get access to the archived recording.

Register for the webinar: