Mar 19, 2013

So many windows! But there’s an easy way to tell them apart!

Written by Katie Gomez

Distinguishing between the different TI Pro window types

Working with customers on a daily basis, I get asked a lot of the same questions. And one of the more frequent question is how to distinguish between all of the different types of windows that we offer within the TI Pro application.

When you open up the software for the first time, the default layout loads displaying several types of windows. The current default layout mostly consists of Top List windows with the exception of a single Multi-Strategy window. And this is where some customers get confused.

The client may wonder why they simply can’t open the OddsMaker or why there’s no “Select Alerts” tab available in a configuration window.  Well, the most common reason for this type of confusion is that the customer is attempting to open these functions in the wrong type of window.

For example, you can’t run the OddsMaker or locate the “Select Alerts” option in a Top List window. That functionality is found in the Alert windows, and will be coming soon to the Multi-Strategy type window. With the current default layout, the client needs to open an Alert type window to operate the OddsMaker or scan for Alerts.

So, how to tell these windows apart? Each type of window has its own unique icon in the upper left corner of each window. These are also visible from the Windows task bar.

TI Pro window icons

TI Pro window icons on the task bar

If you go to the status window and choose “File,” the drop down shows you the icons and window types. You’ll see that the Alert windows have one exclamation mark (“!”) as the icon, Top List windows have the number one (“1”), and the Multi-Strategy Window will have three exclamation marks (“!!!”) to symbolize many alerts.

Window names and icons in the File menu

Each window serves its own purpose. Alert windows display real-time or historical alerts according to their configuration parameters (alerts and filter settings). The Top List windows show a sorted list of symbols meeting your filtered criteria and update every 30 seconds. And, the Multi-Strategy windows allows a user to combine multiple independent alert strategies, inclusive of their own unique sets of alerts and  filters into a single container window; allowing for an efficient use of desktop space.

So now when you open up the TI Pro application, even if you don’t see each type of window available in the software now you can identify them at a glance.

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