Apr 16, 2013

New Window Icons Available Now in TI Pro

Written by Katie Gomez

Changes Made to the Windows Icons Within the Newest version of TI Pro

A few weeks ago, we shared with you explanations of the icons for the primary windows inside of TI Pro. Since then, we have made some small changes to these windows to make them easier to distinguish. If you download the latest beta version of TI Pro, 3.2.84, you will notice that we have made improvements to the icons on the windows. 

Instead of using the “1.” for Alert Windows, the “!” for Top List Windows, and the “!!!” for the Multi-Strategy Windows, we have replaced those icons with a more distinctive emblem. Now, it should be more apparent that the Alert Window uses an “A” to represent it, along with the “T” for Top List, and “M” for Multi-Strategy. We hope that you find the new TI Pro Windows more straightforward and easier to recognize. 

If you have any questions, please email me at info@trade-ideas.com.

Best regards,

Marissa Hill Goodbody
Client Relations Manager