Apr 27, 2013

Style Meets Science and You Win

Written by Katie Gomez

Style Meets Science as Bulls on Wall St. taps Trade Ideas Technology 

Allow me to be blunt. You simply can’t win. At least not the way you are doing it now. You’re not John Henry, not even close. The machine drilling you in the rear is powered by starving 26 year-old, single MBA’s, who are working 21 hour days at Goldman Sachs’ research mills. Then there’s the Quant Funds who don’t have any windows in their office. Get the picture? You are swimming with sharks, hungry sharks.

Here’s my point. The speed of information transfer in the marketplace has increased and continues to increase substantially, making “winging it” impossible. There is no one magic formula to make consistent money in the markets. There is no magic penny stock formula and no magic seasonal pattern. No silver bullet. What you have are windows of opportunity which open and close, somewhat unpredictably. You need to be ready when the windows open to take advantage. That’s where the science from Trade Ideas comes into play. Our data center, the one that watches all stocks on all time frames at the same time every single day for the last 10 years, makes it possible for you to compete.

Then there’s the human touch that makes it all come together. The human touch is that elegance that takes the brute force of the machines and transforms it into something tangible. Through Maribeth and Kunal’s highly skilled efforts, Bulls on Wall St has grown into a very reputable business teaching traders how to spot various setups (windows of opportunities) that lead to positive returns. The issue facing Maribeth and Kunal is that they know they have to be first to spot the setup in order to give themselves and their clients enough time to take advantage. Back to the science!

Kanul and Maribeth reached out to us and asked if they could apply the power Trade Ideas technology to give them a better heads up on when the windows of opportunity they want to see are open. We discussed the mathematical parameters of the situation and worked with Maribeth and Kunal until we got it right. The result is this: http://bullsonwallstreet.com/tradeideas/ 

This is a complete heads up display which shows stocks that Bulls subscribers simply need to be watching now. 

Flipping the advisory service concept on its back now there are more eyes watching the right stocks at the right time. Bulls subscribers not only receive advice but are now helping each other and Kunal and Maribeth to capture more alpha in the market. The end result is everyone wins!