Oct 14, 2013

3 Examples of Golden Egg Alerts from Trade Ideas

Written by Katie Gomez

Courtesy of guest contributor Luke Murray from jasonbondpicks.com

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Luke and I help run the biggest day trading chat room on the web (at jasonbondpicks.com). I make buy and sell alerts all day and most of these alerts are generated by Trade-Ideas. Let’s take a look at three money making scans from last Friday, October 11th, 2013 that I found using Trade-Ideas Pro.

The first alert I want to look at from Friday Oct 11 is CBAK, see image (highlighted in blue):

It hit the scanner at $2.26. We were in on the next 1-min candle at $2.28-$2.29. And we were out in the $2.50’s making over $2,500 on 10k shares. The kicker here is that it ran to $2.82 so there was plenty of room left after we exited!
The next one I would like to point out is BWEN, see below:
BWEN hit the scanner at $9.25. We were in shortly after and rode it to $9.48 making $440 on 2k shares.  It went as high as $9.68! 
Those are just from one strategy alert window, I have over 20 of these strategies running looking for different interesting events all day. Here is a gap play scanner (“Up Gappers” Top List Window) and SCTY is highlighted:
Now here is the corresponding 5-min chart of SCTY:
Ok, so for the gap play we look at the first three 5-min candles of the day. After these candles form or 15 minutes after the open, we have our entry. To go long you would look for an entry on the break of the high of the first three 5-minute candles which is $44.50 on the third 5-minute candle which you can see in the above image with the red arrow.  It happened to break the next minute so that was the entry, and you could choose options or stocks here. It went as high as $48.13 so that’s a possible move of $3.63 on the stock intraday, or if you played options that would have been a giant win.
I have just showed you 3 very nice winners from Friday, there were many more trades made than these off of the Trade Ideas Pro windows. Most people who trade stocks lose money, and that’s just the reality of the game. If you want to put the odds on your side and start winning, then Trade Ideas is the answer you’re seeking. 
We are making money day in and day out using Trade Ideas technology. It has literally been the “golden egg layer” of all the services I have tried in my 20 years of trading. 
If you are serious about taking your trading game to the next level, then you must try Trade Ideas. Just a word of caution, when you create new scans and alerts you want to run them in a live environment and make sure you are getting the results you are looking for before using real money. When I create a new scanner I usually test it for no less than a day and sometimes 3 days before I start trading real money with it.

– Luke Murray

 [Traders interested in testing their strategies should read about the OddsMaker. The Trade Ideas OddsMaker is an add-on backtesting tool that assists the trader in testing and optimizing the performance of a strategy against real market conditions. Visit the OddsMaker page and research our Execution Consulting service for more strategy creation help. An Execution Consulting session is free of charge and one-on-one. To inquire, start the Execution Consulting Wizard – Ed.]